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Huntington Beach, CA, Special Needs Vocational Training Services

In addition, Hillside Enterprises - AR&C Long Beach of Long Beach, California, has a special needs program, which promotes job independence for adults with intellectual disabilities. Our nonprofit organization will help you find the right job for you.

Special Needs Program

The Special Needs Program is a center-based work and activity-oriented program that facilitates the placement of clients through accommodation, assistance, and modified work environments. Because of the enriched staffing ratio (1:6), the program greatly enhances the ability and job opportunities for qualified persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.
Job accommodations may be as simple as the rearrangement of furnishings surrounding the worker, raising a table or adjusting the height of a workstation.
The Special Needs Program has increased the pool of qualified employees who may not have been employable for a variety of limitations, such as sensory limitations (vision, hearing, and speech), gross and fine motor limitations, neurological functioning (specific learning disabilities, head injuries), and multiple limitations (cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, seizure disorder).

Various Job Opportunities

Each participant's abilities are maximized through the use of individualized, reasonable, and appropriate job accommodations and adaptive devices designed to ensure access to various job opportunities available from manufacturers who contract with Hillside Enterprises - AR&C Long Beach.
While attention is focused on each person's productivity, our staff also makes sure the job accommodations are designed from an environmentally comfortable perspective, which results in motivated workers who will be more likely to succeed in their progress toward vocational objectives in community-integrated settings.

Become Involved

If you, your agency, or someone you know will benefit from working in the Special Needs Program, please contact Shea Matherly, the SNP Manager at (562) 597-4396 or by email at smatherly@hillsideenterprises.org. Program staff will help you find practical suggestions or solutions for environmental and vocational adaptations so you can perform your work more easily and be more productive. The Special Needs Program will also give you the opportunity to participate in the creation of a barrier-free facility that promotes attending social and recreational activities as well.
Email info@hillsideenterprises.org, if you know anyone that can benefit from working our special needs program.