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For more information or to schedule a tour contact our office at (562) 597-4396 or email the Executive Director, Harry Van Loon at hvanloon@hillsideenterprises.org.
Hillside Enterprises - AR&C Long Beach is a private, nonprofit organization in Long Beach, California, that has been providing services for adults with intellectual disabilities since 1951. At least 400 adults and their families receive daily support services such as training in the activities of daily living, vocational training, employment development, and job retention. By emphasizing each person's abilities, Hillside Enterprises - AR&C Long Beach promotes competence and self-sufficiency, while also respecting each person's right to choose from a full array of service options designed to meet their individual needs.
A Bit about Our Company

In 1968, AR&C Long Beach established Hillside Enterprises to provide pre-vocational and vocational services for adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. The organization is supported through fees for service from California's Department of Developmental Services (Regional Centers) and the Department of Rehabilitation, friends, service organizations, grants, and the community at large.
It also generates income from commercial contracts in the Work Activity Center and the Special Needs Program, utilizing its cost effective work force of at least 200 adults. The organization also owns and operates two Value Village thrift stores, one in Bellflower and the other in Fullerton with 100% of the profits used to enhance our services and facilities on a four-acre lot leased by the City of Long Beach.

Volunteers Are Needed

Volunteers are an important part of the program services offered by Hillside Enterprises - AR&C Long Beach. Parents, professionals, students, and friends are encouraged to volunteer in any of the programs, special functions and other extra-curricular activities.

Mission Statement

Hillside Enterprises - AR&C Long Beach is committed to increasing choice, dignity, and competence for persons with intellectual disabilities in terms of where they live, learn, work, and play.

Recognizing its focus on vocational training through paid work services, AR&C-Long Beach/Hillside Enterprises promotes excellence by ensuring that its services are based on individual needs identified by each program participant’s (consumer’s) interdisciplinary team in its annual development of the Individual Family Service Plan or Individual Program Plan. Operating through a person-centered planning process, the team’s goal is to assure that the efficacy of these services will empower persons served to achieve their optimal level of productivity on their path to independence.

AR&C-Long Beach, Inc./Hillside Enterprises believes in self-determination for persons with developmental disabilities. Most individuals, even those with severe disabilities, can make choices about where and how they wish to spend their time with our organization. These choices become more authentic as “informed choices” when a consumer has been given a number of opportunities to experience a range of activities. We are committed to providing these opportunities for each consumer attending this program. We are also committed to promoting self-advocacy as the best form of advocacy for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. An important way to achieve this is through listening to and getting to know each consumer and appreciating his or her uniqueness.

In light of our Code of Ethics, the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are committed to holding ourselves in high regard as professionals and stakeholders in our service delivery system by upholding the highest standards of integrity, honesty, confidentiality and fairness.

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