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Training Programs & Workshops in Long Beach, California

Hillside Enterprises - AR&C Long Beach provides an array of training programs and workshops in Long Beach, California, for adults with intellectual disabilities. Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to enhancing their competence.

Day Training Activity Center (DTAC)

Our Day Training Activity Center (DTAC) provides a variety of enjoyable and relevant experiences for adults with intellectual disabilities based on individual needs and personal choice. We provide activities to integrate clients into the community such as bowling, visiting the public library and local businesses, attending sports/entertainment venues, and practicing work-related skills in a natural setting.
Happy kids with disabilities - hillside enterprises in Long Beach, California
Our on-campus programs offer training in the following areas and clients are rotated in and out based on personal choice:
• Grooming, Style, and Fashion
• Gardening
• Planning, Purchasing, and Preparing Snacks and Meals
• Games and Recreation
• Physical Exercise
• Art/Music/Dance – Participation and Observation Skills
• Current Events and Holiday Celebrations
• Language Development and Sign Language
• Independent Living Skills
To learn more about our DTAC program, please contact the DTAC Manager, Jenny Lin,
at (562) 597-4396 or email her any questions or comments at